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XBet Edge Predictions - August 2021 Performance

Hello XBet Edger's,

So how did we perform in August 2021? Find out below...

August was a exceptionally frustrating month rigged with loads of disallowed goals and missed penalties. Infact 5 predictions were let down by either a disallowed goal or a missed penalties which would have seen us a turn a decent profit this month.

In September were expecting to return back to normal and profit is expected. VAR has really change the face of the game, and predicting goals has become ever so harder. We are looking to update our predictions algorithm in our next upcoming release to use more of the other types of stats.

Here is a summary for August 2021-

Total Bets Predicted - 47

Total Won - 19 giving a 40.4% Win Rate

Average odds of 2.5

This returns a profit/loss of*:

£10 level stakes = -£16.40

£20 level stakes = -£32.80 £50 level stakes = -£82

£100 level stakes = -£164

Accumulative Profit Since May 2021 = £227.40*. If you have been following since May 2021 when we started tracking today you would have profited this based on £20 level stakes.