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How XBet Edge can you help you make the right bet using data bookies don't want you to have!
XBet Edge is a unique Football based app that statistically formulates and calculates predicted probabilities based on historical data and occurences from over 38 leagues around the world. View our FAQ to see which leagues we cover. Our Mobile App is currently available to download and use for FREE on all Android and iOS Apple devices around the globe.
What does the game status tab mean?
UPCOMING TAB - When selected these show all upcoming fixtures
INPLAY TAB - When selected these show all the fixtures that are currently in play
COMPLETED TAB - When selected these show all the fixtures that have been completed FOR THAT DAY ONLY! If you want to see fixtures for other days then click on the calendar picker in the top right of the screen
What does the Probability % Stats mean?
The % Probability is statistically calculated based on last 2 seasons historical data. The stats provide an estimated probability for an event occurring based on previous occurrences. For example, if there is a 90% probability for over 1.5 goals, this means that previously both teams playing home and away (including H2H) have seen over 1.5 goals 90% of the time and therefore it suggests that there is a very good chance of this trend continuing. Ofcourse, nothing is guaranteed so even a 99% probability can lose.
Important Note:  XBet Edge stats do not take into account suspensions, injuries, teamline ups, tactics etc that may affect the outcome of a game. We also DO NOT cover cup competitions or internationals as there simply is not enough historical data to calculate probabilities.
How to access the XBet Edge application
What do the events and colours mean?
Once the mobile application is loaded on your phone or tablet you will see 8 events/columns with 3 different coloured indicators with a probability (%) number.
The events/columns:
O1.5 = Over 1.5 Goals or Over 1 Goal. This means 2 or more goals.
O2.5 = Over 2.5 or Over 2 Goals. This means 3 or more goals
FH0.5 = Over 0.5 First Half Goal or Over 0 First Half Goal. This means 1 or more goals in the first half
BTTS = Both teams to Score yes. 

O7.5 = Over 7.5 Corners or Over 7 Corners. This means 8 or more Corners
O8.5Over 8.5 Corners or Over 8 Corners. This means 9 or more Corners
O2.5 = Over 2.5 Cards or Over 2 Cards. This means 3 or more Cards
O3.5Over 3.5 Cards or Over 3 Cards. This means 3 or more Cards
The colour indicators:
85%+ = Green this suggest there is a very high probability of the event occurring which makes it perfect for the overs market
70% - 84% = Amber this suggests it is hit and miss and therefore considered slightly more riskier but you can find great value for these %
0% - 69% = Red this suggests there is a low probability of the event occurring which is very risky for the overs market but perfect for the unders market
How to filter to sort the highest or lowest probability
There are various filters on the app that allow you to sort the highest and or lowest probability for the above events/columns. This makes finding the right fixture with the highest or lowest probability much easier. Click the filter button in the top right of the page, this will open up the filter panel where you can Sort Highest or Lowest Stat, Choose League, Time and even Date. 
Additionally you can use the search box to search a fixture. If you have a filter applied then this may not find the fixture you are looking for in which case simply clear the filter.

Finally, you can also view Completed/past fixtures by clicking the Calendar Picker in the top right hand side next to the filter button. 
You can clear any filters applied by either clicking the "Clear Filter" button in the top right or opening the filter panel and clicking "Clear Filter" button from there. 

How to view Additional Statistics
In addition to the main statistics on the main fixture page, we also provide Additional Statistics covering many more markets. You can access the Additional Statistics by simply clicking on the fixture name and this will open up the Additional Statistic panel. If you are a FREE User you will need to watch an advert video inorder to unlock this feature for 5mins. You can alternatively sign up to a very-low monthly premium membership which would give you a Unlocked Advert Free version with no interruptions. 
What is WOC (Wisdom Of Crowd)
WOC are the small orange badges that you see on top of the stats. This indicates how many people are backing that particular stat. The higher the number the more people that are backing it...this helps to build confidence in yourself to back the same stat knowing people have done their research. If you have done your research then you can vote on the stat by simply double tapping it (takes a couple of secs to register the vote so be patient). Note: This only works on the main fixture page and not in the Additional Statistics. 

You can also view the WOC tab which will show you all the highest backed stats for the day. Note: Only stats that have at least 4 or more people backing it will appear in the WOC list. You will also need to watch a video advert to unlock the WOC tab list or you can sign up to a low premium monthly membership for an unlocked advert free version.
Follow Our Stat-Backed Predictions
Feel free to optionally follow our stat-backed predictions under the Predictions tab where you will find a Daily Bet, Other Bets and a Roller. Note: you will need to watch an advert to unlock this tab for 5 mins. If you wish to have unlocked advert free version, then you can sign up to one of our very low monthly premium membership plans. 
Follow Our Proven Winning Strategies
XBet Edge can be used in many different ways and we have documented the most effective and proven strategies that have worked time and time again and you can start using/testing them straight away. You can access these in the app via the Strategies tab. We also recommend our growing community of users to come forward with any strategies they have found and have been using successfully in our app. Please email us at
Bookies we recommend using for our app
There are 2 bookies we recommend using for our app.
1) When using Bet Builders to build Same Game Accas we recommend Bet365, The worlds favourite bookies - Click here and Get £100 of FREE Bet Credits. Check out our blog post on how to build winning bet builders
2) If you are following our in app Predictions we recommend William Hill as they provide acca boosts every day which means you always get the best odds. Click here to get £30 FREE when you bet £10

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