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XBet Edge Predictions - May 2021 Performance

Hello XBet Edger's,

Starting this month, we have began to track our in-app predictions and each month we will provide a summary of how they perform.

Here is how XBet Edge Predictions performed for May 2021. Profits are based on level staking (betting the same amount on each prediction regardless of risk level)

Here is a summary-

Total Bet Predicted - 98

Total Won - 42 giving a 43% Win Rate

Average odds of 2.8

This returns a profit of:

£10 level stakes = £116.20

£20 level stakes = £232.40 £50 level stakes = £581

£100 level stakes = £1.2k

Disclaimer: Past profits are not an indication of future profits.

Download the app today if you haven't already. New predictions and fixtures will be available on the 11th June as most major leagues have come to end this season.

XBet Edge Team

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