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Q. When does the data get updated?

A. We use a reliable data source feed to provide the data twice a week. The application is updated usually on Tuesday by 6.30pm covering midweek league games (Tuesday-Thursday), and Friday 6.30pm for weekend league games (Friday - Monday). This is usually when the data provider has updated their data.

Q. Do you provide stats on cup games?

A. IMPORTANT: We only provide data on domestic league games and NOT cup competitions as there are far too many variables to consider and the data would not be accurate. This means that things will be quiet at times when some of the popular leagues are over for the season. However, we do cover over 30 leagues all over the world so there should be plenty of games on all year round.

Q. What leagues do you cover?

A. English (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Conference)
Scottish (Premier League, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3)
German (Bundesliga 1, Bundesliga 2)
Italian (Serie A, Serie B)
Spanish (La Liga Primera, La Liga Segunda)
French (Lique 1, Lique 2)
Netherlands (Eredivisie)
Belgium (Jupiler League)
Portuguese (Primeira Liga I)
Turkish (Futbol Ligi 1)
Greece Football (Ethniki)
Argentina (Primera Division)
Austria (Bundesliga)
Brazil (Serie A)
China (Super League)
Denmark (Superliga)
Finland (Veikkausliiga)
Ireland (Premier Division)
Japan (J League)
Mexico (Liga MX)
Norway (Eliteserien)
Poland (Ekstraklasa)
Romania (Liga 1)
Russia (Premier League)
Sweden (Allsvenskan)
Switzerland (Super League)

Q. How are the calculations done?

A. All calculations and predictions provided in the application is based on historical data for the last 2 seasons including the current season. This allows us to find trends and patterns in a much larger data set . We use this data to statistically calculate the chance (probability%) of the event occuring  based on previous occurrences.

Q.Some predictions have blanks/empty values, why?

A. If there are blanks in the data, this generally means the provider does not have the data for this market or there is not enough data available for that market from the provider so these are treated as blanks/empties.

Q. Does the system know about injuries, suspensions etc?

A. The system does NOT take into account injuries, team line ups, suspensions, weather and other factors that may affect the result of a match. So whilst we do 90% of the work, you need to do other the 10% and research lineups, injuries etc.

Q. Can the highest probabilities lose?

A. As with everything in life particularly betting, nothing is guaranteed and the same applies to using the data provided in this application which means that even the highest probability selections can potentially lose. But one thing we can guarantee is that you will have a far better chance at CONSISTENTLY winning and getting an edge with this data.

Q. There is so much data I don't know which markets to follow?
A. In order to be successful and make long term profit its important to follow 1 or 2 strategies from our blog under betting strategies. These will give you some insights into some of the strategies we and our members are using.

Q. What Bookmaker do you recommend?
A. We recommend 2 bookmakers,

Bet365 for the FH goal strategy and same accas bet builders.

And William Hill for our in-app predictions as they provide acca boosts. 

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