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XBet Edge Predictions - June 2021 Performance

Hello XBet Edger's,

So how well did we perform in June after a very profitable May 2021? Find out below...

Given many major leagues came to end and obviously the euros meant predictions were far and few. June and July is usually a quiet month and generally predictions and stats are limited so we actually did far better than expected. Most major leagues will be back end of July.

Here is a summary for June 2021-

Total Bets Predicted - 22

Total Won - 11 giving a 50% Win Rate

Average odds of 2.4

This returns a profit of*:

£10 level stakes = £40.20

£20 level stakes = £80.40 £50 level stakes = £201

£100 level stakes = £402

Accumulative Profit Since May 2021 = £312.80*. If you have been following since May 2021 when we started tracking today you would have profited this based on £20 level stakes.

*Disclaimer: Past profits are not an indication of future profits. All profits stated here are based on level staking (betting the same amount on each prediction regardless of risk level).

If you have been following our predictions please comment and tell us how much you have made?

If you haven't already downloaded our app then your missing out on profiting!

XBet Edge Team

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