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How to Build a Winning Bet Builder

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

or a long time now, sports bettors were restricted to a limited number of markets such as Home win, Draw, Away Win, Over/Under Goals, BTTS, Corners & Cards being the most popular markets. But the biggest problem with this was bettors were limited to 1 bet per event/market…not anymore…Introducing Bet Builders, which allows bettors to combine multiple markets into 1 bet per event giving you full control over your bet. Whilst Bet365 was the first to make this historic move, many other bookmakers have started introducing their own bet builders.

Here is an example of a bet builder for the Man City v Leicester game using our recommended bookie Bet365 where you can see 5 markets combined into 1 bet giving you odds of 4.00

But how do you know what selections to pick? Sure you can take a stab in the dark and guess that there may be over 2 goals, or both teams will score or will there be Over 8 or 9 Corners? This can sometimes be a minefield trying to figure out what selections to pick but thanks to the XBet Edge App you can now make a more informed decisions by using the stats & probabilities to help you consistently build winning bet builders.

So lets take a look of how to best use this strategy… first things first,

Download the XBet Edge App from the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore

The best and easiest way to find the perfect fixture to bet build is when you see high probabilities for popular Goals, Corners and/or Cards market (the greens). Then simply use the “Sort Highest” filter at the top of the screen to sort the data with the highest probability for a particular market.

Take a look at this example Atalanta v Crotone…The stats look good for the following:

Over 1.5 goals at 96% Over 2.5 Goals at 87% (considered high for this market) First Half Goal at 87% And for Milan

Over 1.5 goals at 87%

Then simply use a bookmaker to build your bet, the most popular and the one we recommend is Bet365 as they provide the best bet building features. Get £100 FREE Bet Credits when you sign up

As you can see this is a very simple but powerful strategy to easily find fixtures with exceptionally high probabilities and in turn capitalise on them via a bet builder...Ofcourse you can use and leverage all the stats available to you from XBet Edge...just take a look at some of these winners from existing Xbet Edge members who are all using this simple strategy to build winning bet builders all day long!

Want to give this strategy a try? Then download our app for free now and see how XBet Edge can help you make informed betting decisions


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