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XBet Fans - The Ultimate FREE Football Giveaway App coming soon!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Hello XBet Edger's,

As part of the XBet line up of apps, we are absolutely stoked to pre announce our upcoming second app named XBet Fans.. which will be available on iOS and Android devices around the globe. The estimated launch date for the app is end of August 2021. Click the Subscribe button at the bottom of this page NOW and get yourself subscribed to be notified when this awesome app becomes available.

Here are some of the amazing features and highlights of the app:


There's plenty of ways of earning XBet Coins:

  • Fan Check in every day,

  • Bag some free bonus XBet Coins

  • How well do you know your football?..Earn XBet Coins by successfully answering correctly in fun football quizzes.

  • Or complete a survey to bag more XBet Coins


Then go spend your XBet Coins in some awesome FREE competitions and giveaways. There will be something for everyone and the more you spend in the competition the higher your chances of winning it.


Then win some life changing prizes and cash giveaways from a PS5 to your favourite Football Team Shirt, Football Tickets, Football Games, like Fifa and pretty much anything football related - we will get exceptionally creative with the prizes we offer so you don't want to miss out!

*The more people that register and earn our XBet Coins, the better and higher valued the prizes and giveaways will be and this could be limitless....its really as simple as that. Our app fans will drive the value of our prizes and giveaways SO GET SHARING WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOW!

follow our official Telegram channel HERE for all the latest announcements and updates on this awesome new app coming to a device near you very soon.

XBet Edge Team

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