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We're Launching XBet Track - Sports Bet Tracker

Following the success of XBet Edge, which saw over 20,000 installs we are on the verge of launching our next generation mobile app called XBet Track - Sports Bet Tracker in 2-4weeks subject to store approvals. It's an app that allows users to track their sports bets and in turn, provides a dashboard view of the stats to help make informed decisions. If you're serious about betting, then you know that tracking your bets is key to success and that's where XBet Track comes in!

To celebrate the launch of our new app, we are offering a limited number of

"Lifetime Licences" for £19.99 each (that's 50% OFF the regular price of £39.99). But hurry - there are only 50 licenses available and they will be gone fast! So don't wait - click the button below to PayPal to make your payment and secure your Lifetime License to XBet Track now.


(PayPal account NOT required checkout as a guest using your debit/credit card option)

Check out the video below with our beta version of the app in action!

Track Your Bets to Improve Your Win Rate

Any serious bettor knows that one of the keys to success is tracking your bets so you can see what works and what doesn't. With XBet Track, you can easily do just that. Simply enter your bet details and our app will track them for you, providing valuable statistics and insights that will help you make better betting decisions in the future.

In addition, our app also provides a dashboard view of all your bets, so you can see how well you're doing at a glance. And because we know that not every bet is going to be a winner, we've also built in a handy results tracker so you can keep tabs on your overall profit/loss.

XBet Track is the only betting tracker you'll ever need, and it's available now for a discounted price of just £19.99! So don't wait guys- click the button below to PayPal to make your payment and secure your Lifetime License to XBet Track now. Once they're gone they're gone!

The benefits of signing up for a lifetime license are:

1) Unlocked Advert FREE version FOREVER- never watch an advert again,

2) NO monthly fees EVER - never pay a single penny again

3) Add unlimited bets with no restrictions

4) Export your bets to Excel for FREE

5) Access and add your bets on both iOS and Android devices.

6) Unlocked app forever - never pay for a new feature again.

Alternative Methods of Payment available:

Direct Bank Transfer

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum)

please contact us for our details

XBet Edge Team

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