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The Truth About "Fixed" Matches

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

There isn't a day that goes by that some Tom, Dick and Harry has information to "Fixed" matches come on we have all seen them. The truth is Match Fixing does happen and has happened in the past particulary in unregulated leagues but the reality in that truth is that it wont be coming from someone messaging you on Social Media or Telegram who wants you to pay them for the information.

Ask yourself if one really had fixed information why would they share it with everyone wouldn't they just bet themselves on multiple bookies and make Thousands?

So long story short, if someone is selling you "fixed" match information its a total SCAM DONT FALL FOR IT. And this is usually how it works...The scammer would normally use the Half Time/Full Time markets as there are only 9 possible outcomes like shown below:

The scammer would then try to get as many people as possible to buy this information and some can charge anywhere up to £100 on this "first round" say for argument sake they find 18 people at £50 each that is £900 in their pocket. Its important to note that these scammers will never use tracked payment method like PayPal, but will almost always use an untracked payment method such as Western Union or Crypto currency where payments are not tracked - this should be a red flag straight away!

They would then evenly distribute the 9 possible outcomes between the 18 people which means that atleast 2 people will have a winning bet. Those 2 people will now be hooked into the trap and will think that the scammer really does have a fix on the game, trust has been built up and winners will now ask the scammer for the next game.... Meanwhile the scammer now has another "Fixed" game with the same 9 possible outcomes ready to start the process again charging anywhere up to £100 using slips from the winners to entice more customers into their trap so if you are a winner then be aware the scammer will ask you for your winning slip which will used to post on social media to trap more people into paying. More importantly, the scammer will now charge those winners 3-4 times (£300-£400) for the "New" information.

And why would you say no? as the first bet won and your already up massively so you pay it...the Scammer has now bagged another £600-800. The chances of you winning the second bet is very very small. At that point you will try to contact the scammer and little do you know they have already removed and blocked you along with all those who were on the loosing slips from the start.

As you can see this is a very smart sophisticated scam and one that we have seen take place one too many times and even heard some sad stories from the victims. Many people have lost alot of money in hope they will land the big one. The best thing you can do is ignore, block and report them as a scammer.

If you really want to make long term profit then use real stats from our XBet Edge Platform to help you make the right bet. We also provide betting strategies for our software to help you in your journey to beating the bookies.

Remember Knowledge is Power so as seasoned betters we hope this article goes far and wide to give people the knowledge they need to avoid being scammed.

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