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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hello XBet Edgers,

It's come to our attention that some small users of our Free app are selling our high winning FREE predictions in VIP Groups not only charging members but also passing them off as their own researched tips. This is against our Term's and Conditions so PLEASE STOP IT NOW. We have gone through extraordinary lengths to make this app FREE FOR EVERYONE...our closest competitor charges £19.99 pm and that's without any predictions - please don't force us to increase the price and start charging for our predictions and locking it to premium members only -

you have been warned.

Please don't ruin it for EVERYONE ELSE who are abiding by our rules and enjoying making money from our FREE predictions week in and week out.

You are welcome to use the stats from our app to create your own tips in your own VIP Groups but sharing OUR PREDICTIONS IN YOUR GROUPS as your OWN is forbidden. If you must share our Prediction tips then you MUST put a reference to our website as to where you got the tip from. Failure to do so will result in us charging for this.

For those who come across groups passing our tips as their own and charging for them please let us know by sending screenshot to - you will rewarded for sharing this information. If your in a group and notice that someone is passing our tips as their own please share our link to our website in the group and say this tip comes from XBet Edge.

Thank you all for understanding! Now lets get back to winning and making more money!

XBet Edge Team

For those who still haven't download our app can do so here

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