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Choose Your Plan

We also accept manual plans for those who are unable to purchase via the App Store or Playstore. The advantage of a manual plan is that it will allow you to have premium benefits from the same login for iOS and Playstore no need for seperate subsriptions.


Please follow the instructions below to sign up.


Sign up the plan below (you will need an account with us) - once you pay please follow the below instructions

1) Download the app - Android is here and iOS is here or simply search XBet Edge in the stores.

2) Register an account within the app and make sure you check your email to verify your account (check junk mail)

3) Email the following information to so we can set up your manual premium licence to the app. 

       - Your full name

       - Your email address registered on the app

       - Your Telegram ID (if applicable)

       - Wait for xbet edge support to get back to you (usually within a few hours)